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eSORBA® SSP - SS B Series


Technical Data Sheets

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  • Main and Sub-LCD gasket for cellular phones, PDA's, and small game devices.
  • Vibration dampening around speakers, microphones and vibration motors in cellular phones
  • Shock absorption pad for Notebooks and small electronic devices
Representative Applications

Technical Data
Properties SS B series Test method
Product code SS BxxxSD xxx : thickness
Thickness (mm) 0.5~2.0 Thickness Gauge
Density (g/§¨) 0.30 ASTM D3574-05
Standard Color black  
CFD*1)(kgf/§²) 25% 0.08 ASTM D3574-05
50% 0.22  
Set (%)
23¡É 0.9 ASTM D3574-05
70¡É 2.6 ASTM D1667-76
Ball rebound(%) 30 ASTM D3574-05
Dimensional Stability(%)*2) MD 0.16 22 hrs at 80¡É
TD 0.02
Outgas*3) (%) 0.2 ASTM E 595-06
Water Absorption*4) (%) 1.9 SAE AMS 3568A
at 35¡É, 85% RH
Embrittlement (¡É) -43 SUM-10*5)
Recommended Upper
Temperature (¡É)
70 SAE J-2236
Resistivity Surface (¥Ø/¡à) 1X111 ASTM D257-92
*1) Compression Force Deflection (CFD)
*2) 22hrs at 80¡É
*3) 24hrs at 125¡É and below 7X10-3 Pa
*4) Weight difference before and after at 23¡É, 95% relative humidity for 28 hrs
*5) SK utis method
* SSP series is PET-supported grade. Therefore, mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation are same with those of PET.

Thickness (mm) Roll size (mmXm) Product code SS B
0.5 500X100 SS B050SD S
0.6 SS B060SD M
0.7 SS B070SD S
0.8 SS B080SD M
1.0 500X50 SS B100SD S
1.2 SS B120SD S
1.5 SS B150SD S
2.0 SS B200SD S

Packing1 roll each , wrapped by PE bag in a carton box
Export Packing240 ~ 288boxes in a 20ft dry container

Please contact if other thickness is needed.